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The art and joy of precision field target and airgun shooting. Photos, tech spec, reports.
"Airgunning" is the oldest Field Target website in Portugal. Online since 16-02-1999,
created and updated by P. Mateus . Copyrights apply.

 "Tech table tools". Wind speed meter, chronometer, digital temperature and pressure meter, digital ruler, camera. Photo by P. Mateus (c) 2007.

  Documentation, Reference, Manuals, Technical, Tests and Reports
Edited, compiled or edited by P. Mateus

>> Rev.ª "Armas & Munições"
Artigos por P. Mateus

Portuguese Language Only
Artigos sobre Field Target, equipamento, etc

>> Fall flat FT Targets
independent tests

NockOver (UK) and Gamo (ES)
test for false positive and negative

>> BFTA Field Target Manuals
Official British Field Target Association
Manuals for FT setup and tech skills

>> IPFTA - Pistol Field Target
Photos and official ref- and documentation
International Pistol Field Target Association

>> Indoor Field Target "Concept"
A concept for a indoor Field Target field
Diagrams and artist impression model

>> Power Level Report on
Air-Arms EV2 MK. II
Technical data and report on energy
and speed levels. Charts and data

>> Power Level Report on
AA S410 and S310

Technical data and report on energy
and speed levels. Charts and data

>> Pellets Weight
Classified table

table with an extensive list of pellets, sorted by
manufacturer, model and caliber

>> Airgun Formulas
and Unit Convers
Reference for formulas and unit conversions
to manage and help calculations for airgunners

>> World Field Target Federation "Core" Rules
International FT "core rules" from the WFTF
Approved February 22, 2007

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