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Field Target Manuals from BFTA - Bristish Field Target Association
Published at the BFTA website, June, 17th, 2006

>> Technical Skills Manual
(PDF format, approx. 1.6 MB)

   Topics covered:

   The History of Field Target, The Law, Safety, Breathing
   Trigger Control, Follow Through, Freestyle Position
   Kneeling Position, Standing Position, Range finding, Wind

>> Setting Up An Air Rifle And Telescopic Sight For Field Target
An Instruction Manual For Beginners

(PDF format, approx. 850 KB)

   Topics covered:
   Introduction, Rifle Preparation, Scope Mounting, Mount Height and Cheek Piece fit
   Centering the Adjustment Turrets, Installing mounts,
   Focussing the Eyepiece and Crosshairs, Setting Optical Centre at Optimum Range
   Plumbing the Crosshairs, Final Windage Adjustment, Establishing the Trajectory
   Choosing Zero Distance, Systems for Marking P/A Assembly and Elevation
   Zenith of the Trajectory and Use of a Bottoming Turret,
   Completing the Remainder of the Trajectory, Rangefinding by Parallax Correction
   What is Parallax?, Types of Parallax Adjustment, Calibrating the P/A for Rangefinding
   Ballistics Explained, Why .177?, Observed Trajectory with Scope Fitted
   Minute-of-Angle (MOA), Increasing the scope height,
   Trajectory Compensation by Holdover, What is Holdover?
   Multi-Aimpoint Reticules, Zeroing when using Holdover


Origin. published at the BFTA website .


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