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The art and joy of precision field target and airgun shooting. Photos, tech spec, reports.
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IPFTA - International Pistol Field Target Associaton

Documentation Reference / Archive

  Set of formal regulations and definitions

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    IPFTA, A New Air Pistol Game, by David Day
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IFPFTA Photo Gallery
ref. ex-IPFTA website

Original caption:
" A good scope and pistol with a relatively
high muzzle velocity > 500fps insures good hits at 25 yards. "

Original caption:
" A solid position is essential to success in IPFTA.  Unlike many shootng sports, unmagnified red dots are placed in the 'open-sights' IPFTA class. "

Original caption:
" In the open sights class, a good spotter can be very beneficial. "

Original caption:
" The 'any position' unlimited class shooter at work. "

Original caption:
" Success! "

Original caption:
" The most difficult IPFTA class of all - open sights - standing. "

Ref. Contacts IPFTA
David Day
1102 N Benson Road Fairfield,
CT 06824, USA
(+1) 203-254-2204



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