NOKIA 6600
Field Test Report
by P. Mateus


DSC05859.jpg (102554 bytes)The goal for this report is to present the major features and setup details for a Nokia 6600.

The unit used for the test was acquired online from
Loja do Telemóvel for 564 EUR (price inc. next day delivery by MRW express services within Portugal).

Key Features:

Full list and spec details:,8764,33211,00.html

+ Integrated digital camera with zoom
+ Video recorder with audio support
+ Streaming video and audio
+ Wireless connectivity with Bluetooth and infrared
+ 6 MB internal memory
+ Memory card slot for additional user memory and applications.
+ Supports Java™ MIDP 2.0 applications
+ Data synchronization with PC via PC Suite
+ Tri-band operation in GSM E900/1800/1900 networks


Original package contains:

DSC05835.jpg (91665 bytes) DSC05836.jpg (93001 bytes) DSC05838.jpg (194934 bytes) 

1 Nokia 6600 unit, Made In Finland

      Weight: 125 g (with BL-5C battery)
      Dimensions: 108.6 x 58.2 x 23.7mm, 113cc

1 Nokia BL-5C 3.7V 850 mAh LI-ION  Battery, Made In China
1 Nokia Multi Media Card (MMC) 32 MB, Made In Korea
1 Nokia charger, 100-240V, 5.7V/800mA, Made In China

1 color printed manual (Portuguese Language)
1 CD-ROM (Nokia 6600 PC-Suite Software)

[Note: no headset is included on the original package]

Setting up...

DSC05878.jpg (210069 bytes) DSC05877.jpg (214855 bytes)
Back cover removed (with a easy to operate yet firm
small release button). Two contact enabled sections
are exposed: one for the SIM card and another one
for the MM Card. A movable plastic grip keeps both
tight on their places.

DSC05876.jpg (180485 bytes) DSC05875.jpg (170118 bytes) DSC05874.jpg (201115 bytes)
SIM card fitted.  Checking contacts and positions for
MM Card and Battery. MM Card fitted.
Storage can be expanded using MM Cards.
A 128 Mb MMC costs approx. 50 EUR.

DSC05873.jpg (124203 bytes) DSC05872.jpg (95864 bytes)

Battery fitted. Back cover fitted.
All hardware setup done.



DSC05879.jpg (124307 bytes) DSC05880.jpg (125784 bytes) DSC05881.jpg (110566 bytes)
After charching the battery for some long hours (first time charge), time for the first boot. Powering up to the SIM code insertion menu takes about 20 secs. It's really a booting up sequence that will, for the first time, make you fell something is taking too long. Be patient, it really takes more time than a "standard" mobile phone.

DSC05882.jpg (118552 bytes) DSC05883.jpg (114585 bytes)
Main startup screen (default wallpaper; network coverage, battery charge, time and date; quick shortcut menu link for camera and custom tools); Main menu screen for "all" services and configuration operation.


DSC05884.jpg (137175 bytes) DSC05885.jpg (106043 bytes) DSC05886.jpg (120092 bytes)

Messaging menus

DSC05887.jpg (111924 bytes) DSC05888.jpg (111498 bytes) DSC05889.jpg (115107 bytes) DSC05890.jpg (112464 bytes)
Image Galery menus; Bookmark and Connectivity menus

DSC05891.jpg (114486 bytes) DSC05892.jpg (124588 bytes) DSC05893.jpg (113419 bytes) DSC05894.jpg (109076 bytes)
Configuration Tools menus; File Management and Opera WWW Browser

Service Connection and Internet Configuration

My mobile services company in Portugal, Optimus, provides both GSM and GPRS access, with support for MMS, WAP and Internet services. Please find bellow the detailed configuration to use for each of this services. To get a "workable" automatic configuration file (that will require some adjustments) simply send a SMS with the word "internet" to the number "1234". Otherwise just follow the list bellow over Nokia built in default options. At the date of writing this report the configuration data bellow is not available from Optimus website. It was gathered over call centre technical support and mail request (fast and professional team on Optimus side). All of them were tested OK.


1. WAP / Optimus Services

connection name: optimuszone
data bearer: gprs
access point name: portaloptimus
username: optimus
prompt password: no
password: wwwap
autenticathion: normal


      phone ip address
: automatic
      primary name server:*
      secondary name server:*
      proxy server address:
      proxy port number: 8799


2. MMS

connection name
: mmk nok
data bearer: gprs
access point name: mms
username: optimus
prompt password: no
password: mms
autenticathion: normal
homepage: http://mmsc:10021/mmsc


      phone ip address
: automatic
      primary name server:*
      secondary name server:*
      proxy server address:
      proxy port number: 8799


3. Internet
(use for Opera WWW Browser and E-Mail)

connection name
: internet
data bearer: gprs
access point name: internet
username: *
prompt password: *
password: *
autenticathion: *
homepage: *


      phone ip address
      primary name server:*
      secondary name server:*
      proxy server address: *
      proxy port number:*


(*)  [leave automatic / default / blank ]


"Amateur" Image/Video Tests and Samples
>> Indoor Video, 3GPP format
9 secs audio/video, 94KB
use Real Player to reproduce
(sound track is ZZ TOP, Low Rider, "Gone in 60 Secs" soundtrack)

>> Sample: Indoor Photo, JPG Format

apox. 33 KB
(soft lights / night time)

nk6600_sample_photo_zoom_pm200311.jpg (25724 bytes)>> Sample: Indoor Photo with 2x Zoom, JPG Format

aprox. 25 KB

(soft lights / night time)

nk6600_sample_photo_outd_pm200311.jpg (25995 bytes)
>> Sample: Outdoor Photo, JPG Format
aprox. 25 KB

(cloudy / no sun shinning)

nk6600_sample_photo_outd_zoom_pm200311.jpg (25261 bytes)
>> Sample: Outdoor Photo with 2x Zoom, JPG Format
aprox. 25 KB

(cloudy / no sun shinning)

Services and Application Tested

   + Messaging
SMS and MMS (both MMS with recepient as a Mobile Number and as a E-Mail address) were tested with sucess. E-Mail operation was also tested with sucess using the Internet connection (please see above, 3.) and a standard IMAP/POP/SMTP account. Attaches (JPG, PNG, etc) were sent and received nicely. A very large PNG photo (about, 40k, 800x600, with a detailed sample newtork reference diagram) was used and the built in zoom function of the attached image viewer made it easy to "look around".

   + 6600 PC-Suite
Nokia PC-Suite PC-6600 was installed and tested both on a IBM ThinkPad Laptop and on a "OEM" Workstation, both used Infra Red ports (built in on the laptop; a RMate410U USB external from TekRam on the workstation), and all ensured a quick and easy install process. Detailed services configuration (e-mail accounts, mms, wap, internet) is very easy from the PC based software and a must to use for serious testing / multiple account creation and management. The 6600 PC-Suite offers also backup and restore support, data import from other Nokia models, sync with PC based data and contact managers (Outlook/Exchange) and overall file management for PC/Phone. PC-Suite can also operate over BlueThooth but was not tested at this time (coming soon).

6600pcsuite01.jpg (61195 bytes) 6600pcsuite02.jpg (50771 bytes) 6600pcsuite03.jpg (66936 bytes)
Backup and Restore; Control Panel; Data Import

6600pcsuite04.jpg (49391 bytes) 6600pcsuite05.jpg (89162 bytes) 6600pcsuite06.jpg (78804 bytes)
Data Sync (Calendar/Contacts); File Management; Image Management
6600pcsuite07.jpg (60167 bytes) 6600pcsuite08.jpg (56377 bytes) 6600pcsuite09.jpg (67332 bytes)
Services and Connections Configuration

Screen Proteccion
The large screen (36x43mm) should be protected from sracthes. Since the original proteccion as a large "cut corner" that after 2 or 3 days will start to "tear", and the first screen protectores for this specific model are just arriving at the market (Expansys), a standard PDA oriented screen protector was cut down to the approriate size and fitted in.

All mobile/pda heavy users know that in less than 4 or 6 weeks at leat 1 or 2 nasty scracthes will occur, even on smaller screens. Screen protection is not very nice to look at (occasional air bubbles, screen becomes dull / not so bright) but will sure protect your investment and help to keep up a nice value for second hand sale with a zero scrath screen.


+ NOKIA, Official 6600 Site

+ Mobile Burn,
Detailed Review (20th November, 2003)

, Multi-language Nokia 6600 Dictionary
   support inc. for : Dutch - PT, English - PT, German - PT



Expansion: MMC 128 Mb

A new MMC (Multi Media Card) was fitted in, expanding card memory to 128 Mb. The original, packed in from factory, Nokia MMC, 32 Mb, comes with approx. 22 Mb already filled with "Try & Buy" applications (e.g., Waypoint, Slovoed, CNN news, FT News).

A new 128 Mb MMC, from Twinmos,  was acquired online from for approx. 50 EUR (price inc. 2 day deliver within Portugal by CTT, standard postal service). The original Nokia MMC was removed and the Twinmos MMC easly fitted in, and with approx. 4 minutes formatting it was ready to be used (the Nokia software formatting also creates the "standard" Image/Video directories automatically on the card; using the File Manager - from the Phone or from the PC Suite - you can easily manage/change it according to you preferences).

DSC05896.JPG (165807 bytes) DSC05897.JPG (127750 bytes) DSC05898.JPG (146125 bytes) DSC05899.JPG (105880 bytes)
Twinmos MMC Card Details (boxed, top, bottom, close to Nokia 6600)

DSC05900.JPG (112519 bytes) DSC05901.JPG (118234 bytes) DSC05902.JPG (179504 bytes)
Fitting in. Quick and easy.

DSC05903.JPG (62164 bytes) DSC05905.JPG (113749 bytes)

All serial numbers and unique part number identifiers were digitally removed from the photos. 2003. Copyrighted by P. Mateus, All rights reserved. No image or text, in full or in part, may be reproduced without formal request and authorization. There is no sponsor or partnership of any kind between the author and any of the brands or companies referred. This is a private and independent report.