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The art and joy of precision field target and airgun shooting. Photos, tech spec, reports.
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ISSF - UIT Shooting

[ n e w ]  2007.04.07
Carreira de Tiro do Complexo Desportivo do Jamor (Estadio Nacional)
Oeiras, Lisboa Portugal, Mar-Apr 2007

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Pistol is a Feinwerkbau (FWB) P103

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Details on the 10 meters ISSF shooting lane

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Shooter is Pedro Mateus (wearing Varga 2000 frames with left blind and iris)

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Sample of training session. FWB P103 resting along Varga 2000 frames


Estadio Nacional, Complexo Desportivo do Jamor  - Indoor
Shooting Range
Lisbon, Portugal (1999)

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Views of the 10 meter UIT Pistol and Rifle Shooting Range

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Views of the 25 meters (first on the left) and 50 meters 
UIT Pistol and Rifle Shooting Ranges

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Some details of target shooting with a Gamo Compact Pistol
Pellets are H&N Pistol Finale Match




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