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The art and joy of precision field target and airgun shooting. Photos, tech spec, reports.
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Airgun Law (Portugal)

The Portuguese Law for Weapons and Ammo
(ref. Law 5/2006, ) limits recreational airguns to:

i. maximum of 5,5 mm caliber (.22");
ii. maximum initial velocity of 360 m/s (aprox. 1181 fps);
iii. barrel can not be smaller that 300 mm (approx.11,81") in length.

Higher caliber airguns, e.g., 9mm or .50", are considered legal within similar high power fire weapons regulations.

Airguns are recognized by the Portuguese Law only as sport or recreational weapons and, thereby, illegal for hunting purposes. You should be an adult (18 years old) to be able to purchase a airgun.

Field Target is a national federated shooting sport, since April 2005, and thereby requires shooters to be federated so that they can participate in official tournaments. The national federation responsable for Field Target is "Federação Portuguesa de Tiro" (FPT), Portuguese Shooting Federation, ref. . Other airgun sports suchs as silhouette shooting or benchrest 25 / 50 do no require any federation relation.

Lei 5/2006, local mirror (PDF, approx. 265 KB ),
Portuguese lang.

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