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August - September  2007
Air-Arms EV2 MK.II
177" / 4.5 mm, regulated, 12
Associação de Caçadores de Loures (ACL)
Loures, Portugal. Photos and rifle by P. Mateus (ST2, Portugal)

Scoped with Nikko Diamond 10-50x60mm, 30mm tube,
on top of Sportsmatch reach forward high mounts w/ Butler Creek flipup covers.

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Default Nikko Diamond sidewheel (above) and large custom sidewheel (bellow).
Custom wheel by Terry Hart from the UK, markings and label by P. Mateus.
Custom sidewheel position marker idea by P. Mateus: a 30mm tube strap
bubble level with a stainless L shaped indicator (a spare CD drive open tool)

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Shooter is Rui Vilhena (ST2, Portugal)

Additional photos, 11th November 2001

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Full side view (left side and right side)

DSC_3809.jpg (214806 bytes) DSC_3795.jpg (214380 bytes)

Details on action and scope mounts

DSC_3782.jpg (141039 bytes) DSC_3787.jpg (184243 bytes) DSC_3793.jpg (144594 bytes)

Details on custom side wheel marking/label, fill in filter, built-in muzzle break.

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Details on trigger and loading section

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