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The art and joy of precision field target and airgun shooting. Photos, tech spec, reports.
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Detailed Views on Highly Customized Air-Arms TX200 and S310
Sintra, Portugal, February 2001

Photos and Field Report by P. Mateus

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Air-Arms TX200 Mk.III FAC .177 (4,5mm)
Simmons Competition Airgun 4-12x40mm AO range-finder
Sportsmatch One Piece mounts
Laminated thumbhole stock (by J. Maccari & PGP) w/ Morgan adj. pad
Protektor leather bags; Owned by
Pedro Mateus .

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s310_ppm_f1.jpg (54332 bytes) s310_ppm_f2.jpg (65456 bytes) s310_ppm_f3.jpg (46142 bytes) s310_ppm_f7.jpg (35504 bytes)
s310_ppm_f4.jpg (37412 bytes) s310_ppm_f5.jpg (62114 bytes) s310_ppm_f6.jpg (38491 bytes)
Air-Arms S310 FAC .22 (5,5mm)
Simmons 44 Diamond Mag 6,5-18x44mm AO range-finder
Max Mounts Two Piece mounts; Harris Bipod
Laminated thumbhole stock (by JM & PGP) w/ Morgan adj. pad
Protektor leather bags; Owned by Pedro Mateus .

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