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The art and joy of precision field target and airgun shooting. Photos, tech spec, reports.
"Airgunning" is the oldest Field Target website in Portugal. Online since 16-02-1999,
created and updated by P. Mateus . Copyrights apply.

Field Target Event and Airgunning Workshop
Lousã, Coimbra, Portugal, February 2001
Photos and Field Report by P. Mateus

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Partial view of the field target area (targets at 15 and 40 yards)
A VersaPod equiped Air-Arms S310 .22 
Scoped by Hakko 4-16 x 50mm Mil-Dot (Airgun Special Edition)
Shooter is
P. Pinto

tank-bench-pgp-ic-01.jpg (169919 bytes) tank-bench-ic-01.jpg (122587 bytes) tank-bench-pgp-01.jpg (166854 bytes) tank-bench-ic-02.jpg (124535 bytes)
I. Carvalho and P. Pinto shooting custom Air-Arms S310 .22

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r9-pgp-bench-01.jpg (100509 bytes) r9-pgp-bench-02.jpg (168255 bytes) r9-pgp-bench-03.jpg (88171 bytes)
A highly customized HW95 / Beeman R9 .177 with
a Bushnell 3-9x32 scope and a "custom shop" myrtle stock (by PGP)
Shooters are I. Carvalho, P. Pinto and Pedro Mateus

s310-ic-bench-01.jpg (101990 bytes) s310-ppm-top-01.jpg (121141 bytes) s310-pgp-high-01.jpg (95560 bytes) s310-pgp-side-01.jpg (130421 bytes)
Air-Arms S310 FAC .22 (5,5mm)
44 Diamond Mag 6,5-18x44mm AO range-finder
Laminated thumbhole stock (by JM &
PGP) w/ Morgan adjustable pad
Shooters are I. Carvalho, P. Pinto and Pedro Mateus .

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